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Remember that favorite antique chair that has been in your family for generations, but looks so tattered and worn, so you have it hidden in the storage closet? Let us breathe new life into it by restoring it, or even updating it so that it can now be a real conversation piece in your home. Let us make something you’re proud to pass on to the next generation. We provide leather furniture repair, and also fix wood, fabric, framing, and much more!



Remember how much you invested in that office, store, or hotel furniture? Let us re-vamp them, change the fabric, touch up, or refinish those wooden desks and tables; so that you can get another 5 to 15 years out of them. What a great return on the initial investment, at a fraction of what it would cost to purchase new.


Leather furniture repair and much more!


A few words about us


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Leather furniture repair

Welcome to H and R Furniture Repair, LLC.

We offer professional, efficient, and cost-effective furniture services that will satisfy private customers and businesses alike; saving you money, time, and the stress involved with unnecessary furniture replacement.  Our desire is to always keep our prices affordable for our Central Florida neighbors which include the Orlando-Metro-Area, The Villages, Leesburg, and Clermont areas.

We specialize in wood, leather, reupholstery, mechanical, and structural repairs.  As well as, restoration of antiques, and artisan home goods, such as mirrors, marble, etc.  In addition, we assemble, disassemble, reassemble, and install all types of furniture.

Here at H and R Furniture Repair LLC, we take pride in providing professional and high-quality repairs that allow us to restore your favorite furniture to a like-new status, which can withstand the test of time.  We specialize in in-home and in-office repairs for your convenience.  We also provide pick-up and delivery service to and from our shop, where major services such as refinishing and re-upholstery are performed. We also welcome our clients to bring their pieces that need servicing to our location for evaluation by appointment.




Why choose us?


[service_box title=”1″ subtitle=”Honest & Affordable Service” icon=”no” text=”Here at H and R Furniture Repair LLC, we value our reputation and understand the importance of gaining our clients from word of mouth.  We do not believe that it makes sense to make a fast dollar and lose the potential for future long-term customers.  We want our customers to trust us with servicing the things that are important in their everyday lives.”  btn_size=”normal”]


[service_box title=”2″ subtitle=” Over 25 Years’ Experience” icon=”no” text=” Our master technicians have been servicing commercial and residential customers, along with the furniture industry for over 25 years.  This allows us to offer the use of artisan techniques and services that most of the industry today finds to be too time-consuming or obsolete.  However, do not worry, our technicians are also equipped with the latest products and techniques so that we can provide you with the best of both worlds!” btn_size=”normal”]


[service_box title=”3″ subtitle=” Customized Service” icon=”no” text=” Here at H and R Furniture Repair LLC, we understand that each one of our valued clients are quite unique in both their needs and tastes.  Therefore, we believe it is important for us to make sure that you receive individual, quality, hands-on attention from the beginning to the end of your service experience with us.” btn_size=”normal”]


[service_box title=”4″ subtitle=”Discounted Service” icon=”no” text=” Not only do we strive to give you 150% in whatever we do, we also recognize those who serve our communities and have earned the right to save, because of it.  That is why we offer our Veterans, Police, Fire-fighters, and Teachers a 10% discount off of our complete piece re-upholstery service, just to say ‘Thank you for your service!’” btn_size=”normal”]


Leather furniture repair

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